5 countries that will be accessible to digital nomads in 2024

5 countries that will be accessible to digital nomads in 2024

Where else will digital nomad visas emerge?

In 2024, various countries are rolling out new initiatives tailored for “digital nomads,” each with its own set of eligibility criteria.

South Africa is launching a “digital nomad” visa for foreign company employees who can prove a minimum annual income of around $52,000. This visa allows a stay of up to three years, with a mandatory tax registration after six months.

Similarly, Japan is introducing a programme for citizens of 49 countries with visa-free agreements, requiring an annual income of approximately $67,000 and private health insurance. The visa permits a six-month stay, after which re-entry is contingent upon obtaining a new visa or a five-year residence permit.

In South Korea, the digital nomad visa grants a two-year residency to foreigners demonstrating an annual income of at least $64,000.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, a digital nomad visa is available for one year, extendable for an additional year, necessitating an annual income of about $24,000, comprehensive health insurance, and a police clearance certificate.

Additionally, Andorra is poised to introduce its own “digital nomad” visa in 2024, although specific details regarding eligibility remain undisclosed. It is anticipated that this visa will offer a two-year duration with the option for extension.

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