French startup reiterates B2B is not only for large companies

French startup reiterates B2B is not only for large companies

Catalog sets out to build a tool that would help small B2B's

When thinking about online commerce systems, we envision major players like Adobe Commerce or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Big companies handling lots of orders already use advanced technology to run their businesses. However, small companies making $5 to $20 million in sales each year often lack a suitable tool for their size. While they might use an ERP system, they still spend significant time managing orders and data entry.

That’s why a French startup named Catalog aims to create a software-as-a-service product that efficiently handles B2B sales across multiple channels. It’s designed for companies earning around $5 million to $100 million in yearly revenue.

Catalog co-founder and CEO Julien Bellemare explained that they integrate closely with the existing tech stack of the companies they target, particularly those that handle much of their B2B activity within their ERP. He mentioned that unlike Shopify, they didn’t have to develop an elaborate admin system for managing inventory, setting pricing rules, and similar tasks, as it would duplicate what these companies already accomplish with their ERP. At the same time, companies can’t just rely on platforms like Shopify for B2B sales with their ERP running in the background, because many interactions still occur through phone calls or emails. Catalog’s customers can’t just instruct clients to exclusively order through their website; there are other communication channels involved.

Catalog facilitates these channels in various ways. There’s an online portal for clients who prefer to browse and check prices without lengthy exchanges. However, some customers opt to order products after meeting with a salesperson.

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