Cosmo AI helps learners navigate the world of programming

Cosmo AI helps learners navigate the world of programming

US tech firm delivers a coding education tool

CodeSignal, a San Francisco-based tech assessment firm backed by Index Ventures and Menlo Ventures, has introduced CodeSignal Learn, a new learning platform. Designed for those seeking to delve into technical subjects, the platform features Cosmo, an AI-driven bot aiding users in their learning journey.

The company announced that, at launch, there are hundreds of courses covering various topics, including programming basics, language tutorials, data analytics, and machine learning. Eventually, CodeSignal aims to broaden its offerings to include non-technical subjects like management skills, which can boost career advancement.

CodeSignal Learn is currently open to users via a waitlist. Once you’re in, Cosmo asks you questions about your learning goals and skill level. Using this information, it creates a personalized course plan for you.

The platform offers two tiers, using a gamified approach to make money. In the free tier, you can study lessons independently. However, asking Cosmo for assistance or code evaluation consumes an energy bar. Free users start with five bars, with one recharging every four hours, creating a mobile game-like experience.

To make it quicker, you can opt to pay $24.99 per month for unlimited energy. Users can explore various subjects via text or convert lessons into slideshows or video presentations. The company emphasizes practice-based learning in its courses, collaborating with subject matter experts. Typically, 90% of the course content involves using an integrated development environment (IDE).

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